For some reason, one of our volunteers came up with a moniker for this trio of adorable fluffy pups! It makes us smile every time we say it - "Fluff-a-Butts!"

Try it, we bet you'll smile too!




These cuter-than-cute pups were dropped off at a shelter in Louisiana by an individual who could not find homes for the pups.

They came in filthy, but in otherwise good shape and at a nice weight.

The girls are about 10-12 weeks old and weigh about 12 lbs.

They will be ready for adoption in about 4 weeks, which brings us, as of this writing, to mid-May.

JENNY is the most out-going of all the pups and even made herself a young human friend as you can see in the photo below.

She has a honey colored coat with contrasting white markings - we call her our milk and honey girl!

She is just as cute as they come!

Jenny would love to be part of a family and would fit in with most any situation, as long as she is by your side!

Adoption Pending!
QUEENIE is the pup we envision starring in a TV commercial for a pet product one day!

She is simply stunning and has a magnificently colored coat of white with brown/black marbling.

Queenie has a confident personality and is incredibly affectionate.

She loves other dogs, would enjoy playing with kids, and could be taught to respect cats.

She is a typical puppy who loves to play, play, play!

Adoption Pending!
THERESA has a creamy golden colored coat with minimal white markings.

She is cuddly, sweet, and extremely affectionate.

Lucky Theresa has an Adopting Pending by one of our wonderful prior adopters, but she hopes you will consider giving one of her sisters a forever home.

Please remember as you look at these adorable pictures - Puppies are a LOT of work in their first year!

Puppies have small, immature bladders and cannot go a full work day without being let out.

Puppies NEED obedience training, socialization, and manners training.

Our rescue gets many unsocialized and poorly mannered dogs surrendered to us due to the simple lack of training in the early stages of a dog's life.

For puppies, we require that adopters be home most of the day, have an active life-style and a sense of humor.

Rescued dogs come with a range of needs - from behavioral to emotional to medical.

When approved applicants adopt such dogs, they agree to continue the rehabilitation we have begun.

If you would like to be part of Queenie's

rescue story, and you have already been approved for adoption through SGRR, please contact Donna at SunshineGoldens@gmail.com

to be considered to adopt


If not yet approved, please visit our website to learn more and to submit an online application:


Please DO NOT use the ASK ABOUT button to contact us, about this dog, as that will delay our ability to respond to your inquiry.

Please direct any questions regarding your application status to:


Thank you!

About Our Rescue

Before being approved to adopt, all potential adopters will be required to complete our online application and participate in our pre-adoption review process. The process includes the completion of an online application, a reference from the applicants' vet, a phone interview, and a visit to the applicants' home.

The application process helps us determine what type of Golden would be best suited for the applicants' life style.

In some cases, the specific dog you are interested in may have found a home before this process is complete or further assessment may indicate that this dog is not the right match for your family.

We are frequently getting new Goldens in need of a home, so we encourage you to apply and complete the application process so that when the right dog comes along you will be ready.

The information provided on each dog is based on the observations of our vets, volunteers, fosters, and when available, trainers. While we do our best to report any and all issues, SGRR does not make any guarantees as to the health or temperament of any dog. Dogs evolve differently in different environments and we cannot predict with any certainty how the dog you adopt will behave and adapt in your home.

SGRR Adoption Fees (subject to change)**
Puppies under 6 months

Young dogs 6 months - 6 years

Young dogs - Special Needs

Senior dogs 7 - 9


Seniors dogs 10 years and older

Senior dogs - Special Needs

Young Bonded Pairs

Senior Bonded Pairs


**Please note:

The fees listed represent a slight increase and are effective for applications received after June 1 2014.

We regret the need to increase the fees for our dogs, but found it necessary due to the increased costs we are faced with for each dog's care and placement.

A contract is signed on the day of adoption.

Under the terms of the contract, all adopters are required to bring their SGRR dog to a vet within 7 business days.

All dogs receive basic veterinary care prior to adoption.

However, if an adopter's vet identifies an illness that an adopter is not willing to treat, then the dog may be returned and a full refund would be provided.

Most of our dogs are fostered in private homes.

We do not have a facility to visit.

We are committed to our dogs before, during, and after adoption! To this end, the rescue retains an interest in each dog and our dogs can never be surrendered, re-homed, or sold. Should an adopter no longer be able to keep their SGRR dog, SGRR must be notified so that we can take the dog back into rescue and place it into another home. We reserve the right to remove a dog at any time should we find the adopter is no longer providing proper care.

Adopters agree to follow up visits as needed.

Please be a ray of light for this Sunshine dog and make a tax deductible donation toward medical care and other expenses.

Every cent of your generosity goes directly toward the care of a Sunshine dog.

Please visit our website at: http://sunshinegoldenrescue.com

to learn more about our rescue and to make a Donation to support Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue.


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